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Name:  Generation Actz Youth Fellowship

When:  Saturday nights, 6 to 9 p.m.  

Denomination:  All

Teaching:  Holy Bible

Ages:  12 through high school plus young adult volunteers

Location:  John & Tonya's house (call or email for directions)

What We Do:  Free pizza, games, challenges, prizes, bible study, prayer, worship music, performing arts workshop - all in one night!  

Other Stuff We Offer:  New friends, new skills, opportunities for gigs, more fun than you can stand!  

How Many Chaperones Are There:  We try to keep our chaperones one per 6 junior high students, and one per 8 high school students.

What criteria do you have for your chaperones?  They must follow Jesus 24/7 and live like Christians are supposed to live - if the Bible says something is sin, and they choose to live that way, then they don't volunteer, plain and simple.  They have to be able to keep a cool head in the face of trouble, and not be afraid to pray with kids.  Chaperones (or volunteers) have to be interviewed by a board member, then we pray about them and vote them in.  Volunteers must be a Christ-like example to the kids.

Do I need to already go to church in order to come?  No.  In fact you will find atheists, agnostics, pagans and kids who just aren't sure about this Jesus guy, coming to listen to what we have to say.  

How should I dress for youth group?  No cleavage on either end for guys or gals, and no midriffs.  Please cover your body.  Also, if something on your shirt or clothing is offensive, we may ask you to either turn it inside out or not wear it next time.  Other than that - we don't care.  Piercings, crazy hair, Tripp pants, band t-shirts and wild styles are all ok with us.  

What if I don't have a ride there?  We have a van, and if you live in Groveport or anywhere between there and our house, we will come and get you and take you home.  We would just appreciate it if you would contribute to the 'kitty' when you can.  (Look for a coffee can with cats on it).  

Um, you seem nice and everything, but my parent(s) still don't know you.  Well guess what?  They can come too.  Every time, if they want.  

Hope to see you Saturday!  

Call with questions:  614-626-4644  

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